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ECONet Daily Summary

ECONet Daily Summary Tool

Get a daily summary of all ECONet Data for a selected date.

ECONET Monthly Snapshot

ECONet Monthly Snapshot Viewer

Compare historical monthly averages from across the NC ECONet.

ECONet Annual Snapshot

ECONet Annual Snapshot Viewer

Compare historical annual averages from across the NC ECONet

ECONET Invesion Photo

ECONet Inversion Monitoring Tool

Guide to help determine favorable spray conditions using the NC ECONet.


ECONet Wet Bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT) Map

Monitor potential heat stress conditions across the NC ECONet

Data + Products – ECOExt (ECONet Extended) Stations

The ECOExt, or ECONet Extended network, is a collection of stations that the State Climate Office either helps operate or manages its data. These stations compliment the ECONet, but they do not have the same sensor suite as ECONet stations

Grandfather Mountain Bridge
The Grandfather Mountain Mile High Swinging Bridge, with weather instruments mounted on the north side. (Image from Romantic Asheville)

Grandfather Mountain Site

View information for the Grandfather Mountain ECOExt station

Jordan Hall
Jordan Hall on NC State University’s Central Campus. Weather station is located on the roof of the building. (Image from NCSU facilities)

NC State Campus Station

View information for the NC State ECOExt station